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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Our 30+ companies ensure the LOWEST Life Insurance Rates in Florida

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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance provides affordable coverage for a specific period of time. (15-30 Yrs)  Premium amounts don’t change for the guaranteed premium period.
Typically, a term life policy can be used to cover needs like:

  • Paying off the mortgage
  • Provide a child’s education
  • Paying off personal debts

Our term policies are guaranteed renewable. That means, if you have a preferred rating today, you would be guaranteed that same preferred rating, no matter what your health situation is, when it is time to renew your policy.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance are policies ranging from 10 – 30K providing a peace of mind that you’ve planned ahead to ease the burden of medical bills, credit card debt and final expenses.

  • You can’t be turned down when applying for a Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan. No medical exams, no health questions, no waiting for test results.
  • Your policy builds cash value that will grow each year, tax deferred. You will be able to access it through a loan.
  • Payments stay the same every year.

Universal Life Insurance

7Universal Life Insurance provides a person with protection that lasts a lifetime.  It generally builds cash value that can be used for any number of things, even allowing you to borrow against it.  There are 2 major features that hold the universal life policies uniquely apart from the others:

  • 80% of the death benefit could be used for Long-term Care expenses should such a need exist.
  • A “Return of Premium” feature will ensure all premiums paid into this insurance will be returned to you should you decide you don’t need this insurance any more.

Estate Planning and Life Insurance …

TAX FREE BENEFITS:   While it’s well known that life insurance provides a financial replacement for income lost upon one’s death, these policies can also be structured such that your heirs benefit from your policy’s proceeds tax-free. Most life insurance proceeds are received income tax-free.

AVOID PROBATE FEES:   Life insurance proceeds payable to someone other than the insured’s estate can avoid passing through probate when the policy is owned by an irrevocable insurance trust. For example, the funds may be used to satisfy marital settlement obligations for child or spousal support.

CHARITABLE DONATIONS THAT OFFER ESTATE TAX DEDUCTIONS:   Life insurance lets you give to charity, while your estate enjoys the associated tax deduction. Using life insurance, a person is able to leave a substantial gift to their favorite charity. Since gifts to charities are estate tax deductible, this gift is not subject to estate taxes upon death.